Roman Shades

Roman Shades have been a mainstay for custom window treatments since, well, the ancient Roman times! Saying the phrase “Roman Shades” does not really define what the finished product will be. Roman shades is a category that requires proper guidance and insight from and experienced window treatment professional. Roman shades can be created by using a variety of materials from fine fabrics to natural weaves and woven type materials.

Custom Roman Shades are typically produced using materials such as cotton, silks, canvass and combinations of these. Many materials are polyester based as well as rayon. These are typically considered to be the best in the Roman shade family. True custom Roman shades offer many finished styles that offer the consumer an opportunity to find the perfect style to match your homes décor. Here are just a few of the most popular today:

Classic Roman Shade

The Classic Roman is thee most popular as is has concealed support rods at every pleat to fold neater and lie flatter than other flat shades. This style works well with most fabrics and is highly recommended for fabrics with a pattern.

Classic Roman Shades Houston TX

Hobbled Shade

Fuller in body, this style keeps its soft folds even when lowered. Hobbled Roman works best for solid and textured fabrics. NOT recommended with a pattern that will be interrupted by the folds. These tend to look best in deep set windows where the folds are concealed by the window itself. Typically a little more expensive as additional material is needed to create this full bodied look.

Hobbled Roman Shades

Knife Pleat (Battan Back)

Doweled pockets on the back of the shade hold support rods and form decorative seams on the front of the shade. Knife Pleat shades work best with solid or textured fabrics. Not recommended for fabrics with a pattern that will be interrupted by the pleats.

Knife Pleat Custom Roman Shades - The Woodlands, TX

Ribbed Pleat (Battan Front)

The Ribbed Pleat shade is a reversed Knife Pleat with the pockets to the front of the shade to further accent each pleat. Ribbed Pleat shades work best with solid or textured fabrics. Not recommended for fabrics with a pattern that will be interrupted by the pleats.

Reverse knife pleat shade

Relaxed Shade

The soft flowing shade lies flat when lowered but always has a gentle decorative “smile” at the bottom. Relaxed shade works well with most fabrics.

Relaxed Fit Roman Shades - The Woodlands, TX

True custom Roman shades can offer the consumer additional decorative features such as adding a valance, edge banding to bind the edges, and decorative trimmings. These shades come standard with a liner but blackout and room dimming liners are available.

Woven Wood Shades

Bamboo shades, matchstick shades, bamboo roman, woven wood shades, woven wood roman shades, matchstick roman, feature natural reeds and fibers woven into a Roman-style shade that offers a unique fusion of elemental beauty and streamlined style. The Woven Woods collection includes options to upgrade to a wood valance, and a polyester privacy lining, (now with the ability to move seperately) add fabric edgebanding for color and texture, and/or combine multiple shades on one headrail. An excellent choice anywhere in the modern home or office space: subtly infusing the environment with natural elements, gently filtering light from outside – Woven Woods will relax your mind, kindle the senses, and soothe the soul.

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