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Patio Shades

Sun control, heat management, insect prevention, and privacy are all benefits of installing patio shades in your home. Whatever your reasons, we guarantee your outdoor space will transform- and you'll never want to leave!

Benefits of patio shades:

  • Sun control & shade when you need it
  • Heat management- stay out of the sun when you want!
  • Insect protection- don’t let those pesky bugs ruin your time outside!
  • Privacy- as much as you may love your neighbors, you probably don’t want them jealously watching your pool party they weren’t invited to
  • Home value- all the benefits of patio shades are major selling points when your house is up for sale
  • Customization- unlike store bought shades, you can custom-make your shades here at Texan
  • Looks- say goodbye to ugly, worn out shades that are an eyesore to everyone
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