Screen Room Enclosures

Screen Room Enclosures

The Woodlands Texas screen enclosuresHouston’s gorgeous nights and soothing morning breezes practically beg for a screen room or classic screened-in porch. Relax in style and comfort with a screen room or porch from Texan Glass & Solar Control. Our well-crafted and carefully built screen rooms and porches are designed to complement your existing architecture, fit in beautifully with your neighborhood, and last for years to come. Have a great covered patio but tired of the mosquitos? Sick of the smell of bug spray? Look no further because Texan Glass & Solar Control can give you back your outdoor space with a screened in patio enclosure! Our patio enclosures feature maintenance free aluminum frames and doors as well as top quality screening materials from Phifer®. We can custom make the patio enclosure to fit your existing openings including door placement and a kick panel to protect the bottom of your room. Want more options? We can include windows, can lighting and much more to create the perfect patio experience! Have an existing screen room that needs repaired or replaced? Not a problem. Our skilled technicians have the know how to repair or replace damaged screen rooms. We service Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Sugarland, Katy, Conroe, Spring and the surrounding areas. Patio enclosures are a great way to add another livable space to your home. We also install covered patios, pergolas and retractable solar shades to help control the heat. We offer complimentary in home or phone consultations and are always willing to provide our professional opinion of solutions for your home. Since 2001 we’ve been Houston’s choice for exterior and interior solar control needs.

Why You Should Enclose Your Patio?

Patios provide a great place for relaxation and socialization but using them can be unappealing in poor conditions. Insects can pester any gathering, and intense sunshine can make the heat unbearable. But you don’t need to hole up indoors and let your patio go to waste. With the installation of a screen patio enclosure, you get many benefits.

Extended Usage For Your Outdoor Space

screened porch Houston TXWith a patio enclosure, you don’t have to retreat indoors just because of poor weather. A patio roof can keep away rain and provide overhead shade on sunny days, allowing you to continue to relax outdoors. The addition of a sunscreen can also keep away the heat, letting you get some fresh air in the summer without feeling uncomfortable in higher temperatures.


If you have neighbors nearby, it can be hard to feel like you have any privacy when outdoors. If you want to relax outdoors without worrying about your neighbors, a patio enclosure with screens can restrict an outsider’s view and give you peace. This is especially helpful for front patios, hot tubs, pools, and any patio in a dense neighborhood.

Keeping Insects Out

Mosquitos, gnats, and other bugs can fly into your patio at any time, especially when there’s food involved. While it’s possible to combat insects with repellants, often the smell takes away from a relaxing atmosphere, and the stress of combating insects may make it more appealing to give the outdoors up. With a screen enclosed patio, you can keep even the smallest of insects away from your space. The Woodlands screen rooms

Extended Space

Smaller homes can end up feeling constricted, but an enclosed patio extends the amount of ready-to-use space. If you need additional space to host guests or hold a party, the enclosed patio becomes a great place for people to expand into and enjoy the outdoors.

Protects Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is resistant to the elements, but that doesn’t make it invincible. Having an enclosed patio protects your furniture from damage and extends its lifespan, so you can get many more years out of your furniture than you would otherwise. The enclosure will also allow for some pieces of furniture to stay outdoors all year round, saving you the hassle of moving pieces into storage.


A young child or toddler can be hard to keep an eye on at times, but an enclosed patio makes it easier to keep them within your sight. Open patios or porches that are higher off the ground can also present a falling hazard to children who can’t tell where not to venture, a risk that’s eliminated with an enclosed structure.

Stay in Touch With the Nature Around You

A screen-enclosed patio provides sun and insect protection while still letting you enjoy the world of nature around your patio. Screens can provide visibility to the outside world without letting others look in. You get the great experience of natural wind and sounds, without having to deal with any bugs. Our skilled team is capable of building patio enclosures and pergolas and can even install screens in any new or existing patio frameworks. If you’re ready to turn your patio into a livable space or want to construct something brand new, we can provide the service you need with the quality you deserve.

Motorized Patio Shades

motorized retractable screens Houston TXWant protection for your outdoor space but don’t want to always look through a screen to enjoy your backyard? With Houston motorized patio shades, it’s possible. Whether you want a bug or solar screen, a motorized shade will allow you to switch your screens out with a touch of a button. We have the skills to install and maintain motorized patio shades on any patio with a roof, whether you already have one in place or enlist our installation services to get one.

Motorized patio shades are great for:

  • Screened porches – Letting you decide when’s the time for protection and when you just want to enjoy the view.  
  • Garage door screens – Whether you work or hang out in your garage, a motorized shade will help make the space as comfortable as possible.  
  • Privacy screens – For when you don’t feel like sharing the view of your outdoor hot tub or an exposed room with the neighbors.  
  • Solar screens – Let your shades down when the sun’s shining, then put them away as night falls. Better yet, let a sun sensor make the changes for you.
Whatever your motorized patio needs, we can take care of any installation project. We’ll talk with you about your design needs so that you can decide how you want the motorized screens to fit in with the rest of your décor, and then follow through on your plan to make the best addition to your home.

Can Lighting For Patio Enclosures

A great patio enclosure doesn’t just look good from the outside; it looks good when you’re sitting on the inside, too. You want a patio that looks great, no matter when you’re using it. Not thinking about the right lighting solution can make your patio useless during the evening and night. In our mission to give you the best enclosed patio lighting experience possible, we also take these factors into consideration when constructing your patio. Can lighting (or recessed lighting) is directly in your patio’s ceiling and can provide some of the best cover for your patio at night. We can install the necessary electricity work and put in can lighting into your patio so that it can get use, no matter what the time of day is. We can also provide advice on choosing the right outdoor bulbs to keep running, no matter what conditions your patio faces. Even though can lighting can provide great light cover in your patio enclosure, it doesn’t mean you need to limit your decorative options. Since you don’t have to worry about providing ample light, your decision to install can lighting opens you up to then use other forms of lighting such as lanterns and string lights to create the perfect ambiance and aesthetic you want.

Houston Porch Enclosure Designs That Lasts

No matter if you’re adding a whole new space or repairing an existing porch enclosure, every member of our team dedicates themselves to providing you with a structure that lasts for years. With maintenance-free frames and top-quality screening materials, we can custom build any project to fit your enclosed patio needs. When you hire Texan Glass and Solar Control, you can expect:
  • Standalone Structural Integrity – We can build patio enclosures as a freestanding structure or attached to your home.
  • Adaptability – Whether you’re enclosing an existing patio or need us to build one from the ground up, we have skills to get the job done right.
  • Customization – You have the option to choose from any of our available patio screen types. We can also help you design your idea to make your ideal patio space.
  • Resistance – Our enclosures are resistant to weather exposure, require minimum maintenance, and won’t succumb to deterioration or rot.
We’re dedicated to keeping your Houston patio enclosure in the best shape possible. If you need any repairs or replacement, we can assess the damage and perform the necessary work. You shouldn’t have to worry about your patio space becoming unusable just because of a torn screen or damaged support. From small screen repairs to bigger renovations, we can handle them all. A patio enclosure is an investment, and we work so that you can have the peace of mind that your investment is worthwhile. We work with you from start to finish and are willing to offer our expertise to help you create the project of your dreams, no matter your needs or budget. For advice on what we can do for you, call or email us today for a free consultation and quote.

Custom Pergolas – Houston, TX

Pergolas can make great additions to any backyard without constraining a space within walls. The openness of a pergola allows it to designate a space without cutting it off from the rest of your design. A Houston pergola can give a great place to relax under the shade or frame your perfect barbeque location. No matter what space you want a pergola for, the simple design can make a big impact on your yard’s design. Use a pergola to bring your backyard landscape to life while avoiding the glare of the sun. Besides being a great statement structure, pergolas are also very suited to supporting climbing plants, like grapevines and wisteria, and can bring an extra touch of beauty and practicality to any backyard area or walkway. Pergolas can come in many shapes and sizes, and we can help you build one to meet your decorative needs. The entire process is customizable so that you can get the exact structure you want without any hassle. For a breezy and beautiful addition to your backyard that can stand on its own or attach to your home, trust us to build the perfect pergola. Enjoy your outdoors every day of the year. Custom Pergolas and Arbors Houston TX Protection Status